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Indoors: We are currently able to offer a total of 30 simulators for hire. 16 is the maximum number of simulators that we are able to link together for Drivers to compete against each other in the same race. Therefore if hiring 30 simulators the simulators would have to be linked in two banks of 15 simulators or 5 banks of 6 simulators.
Outdoors: Our outdoor event shelters enable us to host 6 linked simulators in each. We are currently able to supply two shelters, therefore the total number of linked simulators hosted in the two shelters combined would be 12.
Our Mobile Exhibition Unit Features 6 Seated Driving positions and a maximum of 6 standing positions, enabling a total of 12 Drivers to compete against each other in a single F1 race when the side door is closed.
In good weather we can open the side door to host an additional 2 seated simulators on the stage area increasing the race capacity to 14 (8 Seated & 6 Standing). Placing 2 Simulators on the stage and 4 units outside of the unit increases the capacity further enabling a 16 player race featuring 12 seated positions and 4 standing positions. Our event shelters can be combined with our mobile exhibition unit to enable us to host a full 16 driver race outdoors.
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6 X Seated Drivers
4 X Mario Kart Drivers on stage area utilising centre screen (or 4 players on Xbox Kinect)
4 X Players competing utilising gamepads on remaining four screens
Total – 14
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Each unit requires approximately 10 - 15 minutes set up before it is race ready.
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Regular chrome Static simulators: 64" long X 26" Wide (5.33' X 2.16' or 1.62 m X 1.09 m) and are 43" high.
Units can easily pass through a standard doorway and fit in most lifts.

Full Motion Compact Simulator - Single Screen or with Virtual Reality Headset: 66” X 29”
Units can easily pass through a standard doorway and fit in most lifts.

Full Motion Simulator – Triple Monitor: 74” X 60”
Unit can easily pass through a standard doorway and fit in most lifts.

Red and White F1 Half Car Simulator: 105” X 43" wide (8.75' X 3.58' or 2.667 m X 1.0922 m).
With the nose cone removed the cockpit measures 80” X 44”, therefore double door access is required, typically on the ground floor of a building (other floors can be accessed depending on the size of the lift available)

White F1 Half Car Simulator and Blue F1 Half Car Simulator each measure 111” X 70” and break down to 81” X 65”.

Ferrari Cockpit Simulators: Single Screen – 84” X 32.5”, Triple Monitor – 84” X 60”, Virtual Reality Headset – 72” X 32.5”
Units fold in half to enable them to pass through a single doorway and fit in most lifts.
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We offer our Driving Simulators for hire throughout the UK and the Channel Islands. Prices are quoted as being ‘from’ due to potential additional transportation costs.
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We typically quote for 3 continuous hours of entertainment, however all day hire is available.
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The number of Drivers that are able to race during a 3 hour period will be determined by the number of simulators hired and the race format selected.
Time trials typically allow for a greater turn over in the number of drivers that race as the starting times are independent of other racers.
A Fastest lap challenge enables drivers to compete against each in the same race. The race ends for all Drivers 15 seconds after the fastest Driver has finished the Race, this system ensures that slow Drivers do not limit the number the number of races offered.
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The choice of track and number of laps as well as driver ability will determine the length of each race. The duration of a race can be tailored by the number of laps completed. Lap times can be adjusted from 40 seconds to several minutes per lap. Your Race Marshall will be happy to advise you and will set up each unit hired according to your requirements to ensure that your event is a success.
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Driving is not gender specific; both Male & Female Drivers enjoy getting behind the wheel of a racing car.
The Simulators are not suitable for individuals who have photosensitive epilepsy.
Age and height are a consideration. The entertainment is suitable for children aged 7 and older.
The minimum recommended height for a racer is a minimum height of 4’ (48 Inches or 122 Centimeters). The maximum recommended height is 6’6” (78 Inches or 198 Centimeters).
Our ‘Mini Sims’ can be driven by shorter Drivers and our ‘Mario Kart Grand Prix’; is well suited to younger racers.
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Yes. Your Race Marshall will require access to a regular UK wall outlet providing the standard 240V of power.
Our Exhibition Unit can be operated by hooking up to a standard 13 Amp domestic wall socket or via a continuous power generator.
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Each Simulator is provided with a head set in addition to a powerful speaker system. Both are independently adjustable.
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Corporate Branding and personalisation for a personal celebration such as a Birthday party are available. Options include messages displayed on our scrolling LED light displays, slide shows on our LCD monitors as well as printed flags, valances and display boards that attach to our exhibition unit.
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The dimensions are:
White Car – 113” X 68”
Red Car – 105” X 63”
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Our regular and Full Motion Simulators can easily be transported through a regular domestic doorway. Our F1 Half Car Simulators and Motorcycle Simulators require double door access.
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# of Simulators Straight Line Configuration 2 Row Configuration
2 5' X 5' 2' X 10'
4 12' X 5' 5' X 10'
6 20' X 5' 8' X 10'
8 27' X 5' 12' X 10'
10 35' X 5' 16' X 10'
12 42' X 5' 20' X 10'
14 48' X 5' 24' X 10'
16 54' X 5' 27' X 10'


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