Open or Closed Events

Driving Simulator Hire is suitable for both ‘open’ events where the number of guests expected is not known, such as an exhibition or conference stand and also ‘closed’ events where a predetermined number of Drivers are available for competition such as a team building exercise or boy’s birthday party.
The opportunity for Data Capture is evident with race results comprising of ‘Lap Time’, ‘Race Time’ or ‘Finishing Position in Race’ available at the end of each race. Such results offer an excellent opportunity to present Awards & Certificates to more than one Driver ensuring that the competition is fierce and rewarding for all.

Head to Head

‘Head to Head’ racing offers the most interactive, exhilarating and adrenaline pumping race action. Friends, family, colleagues and complete strangers can compete in the same race whilst seated only a few feet away from each other. See and hear the reaction of the driver sat next to you as you overtake them on the final corner before the finishing straight!
A minimum of 2 units are required for ‘Head to Head’ competition.

Time Trial

Race against the clock for one or more laps on an empty track or field of computer generated opponents. Multiple laps can be completed which offer the opportunity of two results, overall race time and best lap time.
1 or more units may be hired for time trial challenges. The race hosted on one Simulator can be started independently of another Simulator hosting a different circuit or principle if required. This option is ideal for large events where ‘Head to Head’ racing requiring simultaneous starts for all drivers is not required.

Format Examples:

Format No. of Drivers * Ideal For
Drivers Championship –Drivers compete in a series of races and are awarded points determined by their finishing position in each race. 6 - 36 Teambuilding Events, Birthday Parties, Stag Nights, Corporate Hospitality & Incentive Rewards
Knockout – the number of Drivers that are knocked out or qualify can be varied. Qualifiers progress through the rounds to the Grand Final. 6 - 200 Staff Parties, Product launches, Conference Interval & Break Out Entertainment, Private Parties, Kids Birthday Parties & Wedding Interval Entertainment
Time Trial – Drivers challenge for the Fastest ‘Race Times’ or ‘Fastest Lap’ times. Results can be displayed on our LCD or LED displays for all to challenge and beat. 1 - 250 Family Fun Day Entertainment, Exhibition Stands, Conference Entertainment, Product Launches Birthday Parties & Wedding Receptions

* based on 6 Simulators hired for a duration of 3 hours, longer performances can accommodate higher volume of guests


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